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PHP, JS developer. Creative guru.

About me

I am Alexander from Russia. I like coding, making websites and other tech stuff. I have made many cool projects. Feel free to contact me.

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Main Projects

Other Projects

Side projects PHP low-cost webhosting service. Win95.css Responsive Bootstrap 4 windows 95/98 theme & landing template.

Cryptocurrency & blockchain

TON Gram Faucet A Node.JS faucet app for Telgram Open Network. TON web proxy Web proxy for TON sites.


Green Pixel 2019. 2D retro platformer with synthwave and pixel graphics. Doka 2: Hard Trade 2018. The most cruel game in Russia. > Google play Step 2014. My first game. Platformer. Men in War 2014. My second game. Side tower difense.

Social Bots

Tovarisch Mayor 2019. VK bot. A Leha 2018. Telegram bot.

Mini projects Neural network generated cats. Kamberbetch generator. qwop2 Node.js & private chat.

Prototype projects 3-rd level domain registrator. For short funny domains. Domains?

Closed projects

United Dev Collective 2015-2017. Father of It was a platform for creative people and their projects. QWOP 2017-2018. Anonimous chat. 2018. File share service.