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PHP, JS developer. Creative guy. 👨🏻‍🎓 Student. 19 y/o.

About me

I am Alexander from Russia. I like coding, making websites and other tech stuff. I have made many cool projects. Feel free to contact me.

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Main Projects

Other Projects

Side projects

Win95.css Responsive Bootstrap 4 windows 95/98 theme & landing template.

Cryptocurrency & blockchain

TON help bot Blockchain rider for FreeTON in telegram. TON Gram Faucet A Node.JS faucet app for Telgram Open Network. TON web proxy Web proxy for TON sites.


Dead Pixels 2020. 2D pixel roguelike dungeon crawler. Green Pixel 2019. 2D retro platformer with synthwave and pixel graphics. Doka 2: Hard Trade 2018. The most cruel game in Russia. > Google play Step 2014. My first game. Platformer. Men in War 2014. My second game. Side tower difense.

Social Bots

Tovarisch Mayor 2019. VK bot. A Leha 2018. Telegram bot.

Mini projects Neural network generated cats. Kamberbetch generator. qwop2 Node.js & private chat.

Prototype projects 3-rd level domain registrator. For short funny domains. Domains?

Closed projects

United Dev Collective 2015-2017. Predecessor of It was a platform for creative people and their projects. QWOP 2017-2018. Anonimous chat. 2018. File share service. Miracle Mirror 2018-2020. Site clonning software.